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Al Jiatec non-woven fabrics have one thing in common: they can all be used in a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes. The

unigue set of properties of Jiatec non-wovens faciltates the manufacture of high-guality products whilst supporting design flexibility and 

process efficiency. One technology - endless possibilities


lmagine a fabric that's as easy to cut as paper but still possessing strength andstability. lf that's what you're looking for, Wet-laid Jiatec polyester non-wovens areyour answer.

Cutting process of Jiatec nonwoven fabric during production or in the final product iseasy and dust free. The Wet-laid fabric can be cut with any common slittingtechnique including die-cutting.


Jiatec is the ideal substrate for a diverse range of laminating materials likeMeltblown and Electrostatic fabric, facilitate lamination by means of thermaladhesive and ultrasonic bonding, to enhance physical or chemical performance offiltration media which can be widely used in pleated filters.When used in lamination processes, a key advantage of Jiatec nonwoven is that itsprocessing behavior is easy and smooth. Jiatec also helps speed up production byenabling products to be thinner and lighter in weight, yet again contributing to costreduction and minimizing environmental impactAmong the applications for which Jiatec nonwoven has proven to be the idealsolution are.

Construction membranes: Membrane manufacturers use Jiatec because they cansave on glue and they love the easy processingAir filters: Filter producers around the globe have confirmed the optimal processingbehavior of Jiatec during lamination and pleating with multiple filter materials. Ofcourse they also love the "bonus" that Jiatec contributes to the filter efficiency.


Industrial impregnation processes are applied in the manufacture of a multitude ofproducts. The Jiatec wet-laid non-wovens are eminently suitable for impregnationwith a variety of media such as antibacterial media, antifungal media, flameretardant media, dyeing additives and more nano lngredients. This is thanks to theiropen surface and high evenness of mass enabling fast and full saturation. As suchthey contribute to process stability and help maximize production yield.


What is as easy to pleat as paper but much tougher and more permeable? JiatecWet-laid non-wovens. Regardless of the pleating method you use, Jiatec nonwovenfabrics are easy to handle ensuring high pleat stiffness for maximum filtrationefficiency.

Filter producers around the globe apply Jiatec as carrier material in the manufactureof activated carbon filter media. And they use the Jiatec nonwoven as support layerfor particle filter media. Thanks to its high dimensional, the nonwoven can be easilypleated. It adds stiffness to the filter medium. Pleats created with Jiatec as air filtercarrier are sharp and stable. The uniform open structure of wet-laid impregnationpolyester staple fiber nonwoven guarantees optimal air permeability

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